Mom seeks answers in death of son inside his own home

by: Carl Willis Updated:


PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - A local mother is pleading for answers after someone shot and killed her son as he slept in his bed.
Beverly Collum said her son, Cody Lane Bryant, 20, was murdered in the middle of the night in his home on Ivey Gulledge Road in Paulding County on Feb. 10.
"(It's) devastating," said Collum. "No mother should have to go through anything like this."
Channel 2's Carl Willis met with Collum and her brother at the scene of the crime on Wednesday.
"Twenty years old is too young to die and certainly to die in the middle of the night, in your own bed to a gunshot wound," said the victim's uncle, David Huskins.
The spokesperson for Paulding County Sheriff's Office said investigators are working several leads.
Still, the victim's family is frustrated by what they say is a lack of information being released by the sheriff's office.
"I don't doubt that they're working behind the scenes, but if you keep telling us that what you need is a response from the public and then you never go public yourself, how can the public come forward?" said Huskins.
The sheriff's office posted a Facebook update about the case after Willis spoke with them Wednesday. 
"We're working this case just as diligently as we are any murder case in our county," said Cpl. Ashley Henson.
Henson said the information may have been slow to be released because the shooting happened just before a second snow storm hit the metro area.
"We don't try to sensationalize cases," said Henson. "If the media comes to us we give them the information."
Huskins said social media should have been utilized weeks ago. 
"We need something more than leads and investigation," he said. "We need the public involved." 
The family said it is desperate for answers and will offer a $2,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest and indictment. 
"He was a sweet boy. He did not deserve this," said Collum.
"To have no word on closure makes it feel like his life is worthless, and we know that's not true," said Huskins.
If you have information that could help, call the Paulding County Sheriff's Office at 770-443-3015.