• Mom says bullying caused teen to bring gun to school


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - The mother of a boy who brought a gun to school is speaking out in his defense.

    Alisha Baker’s son is in juvenile detention, but has a hearing on Tuesday. She told Channel 2’s Ashley Swann her son was bullied, and that’s why he brought a gun to school.

    According to a police report from early October, classmates of the Miller Grove High School student reported seeing the gun.

    Police found it in the 15-year-old’s backpack on the bus with seven bullets and he was arrested.

    Baker and her son’s attorney, Adeline Alexander, said just before the incident, five older boys attacked the teen at school.

    “They jumped him in the stairwell and followed him to his bus after he got away, surrounded the bus, and then threatened to shoot him up in the house,” Alexander said.

    “I’m not condoning his actions, he was wrong, but I haven’t heard anything further from the school about the kids that were bullying him in school,” Baker said.

    A district representative would not comment on the incident, but did note that the district has a strict policy against bullying.

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