Mom out of jail after threatening a child on a school bus allegedly



CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga - A mother is out of jail after police arrested her for getting on a school bus and threatening a child.

Carla Harris, 28, got on a school bus late April and threatened an 8-year-old boy claiming that he was bullying her daughter. The child’s mother said she wouldn’t have gone to police if Harris had done one thing.

“Coming to my house and letting me know that my son may have done something to her daughter,” Shalina Ezekiel said.

Ezekiel said she would have investigated and it would have prevented Harris from being locked up and facing three charges.

Ezekiel’s son said Harris’ daughter kicked him as he was getting on a school bus. That’s when police say Harris came on the bus and confronted the child.

“Like she just came on the bus and said don't put your hands on my child,” Ezekiel’s son said.

The bus driver told police she had to keep Harris from getting close to the child and that Harris used profanity when she told the boy, ‘Don’t you ever put your (expletive) hands on my daughter again. If you do, it’s gon’ be me and you.’

“Obviously she was irate and angry for her to curse and say it so aggressive for the bus driver to tell,” Ezekiel said.

Harris told police she was frustrated because the boy had been bullying her 8-year-old daughter, however Ezekiel says that is not true and that the kids live next to each other and play all the time.            

“She should have came to my door or went to the school and spoke to somone. Not get on the bus with children,” Ezekiel said.

Harris faces criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and disrupting the operation of a school. A judge gave her a $2,000 bond.