Men posing as DEA agents breaking into homes

by: Craig Lucie Updated:

Atlanta police are looking for five men who burst into two apartments during fake DEA raids.

ATLANTA - Atlanta police are looking for five men who burst into two apartments during fake DEA raids.

Both took place at the Alexan Metrowest Apartments on Huff Road in northwest Atlanta.

Police said the men were dressed in black and one had a gold badge around his neck.

A neighbor told Channel 2's Craig Lucie they had on DEA jackets which can easily be purchased online.

The police report says one of the men had a pistol at the ready position, entered into her apartment asking "Where's Jonathan?"

One shouted he was "Lt. Artie Vasquez" and another said he was "Officer Mitchell Hamilton of the DEA."

The victim told police they ransacked her apartment, but didn't take anything and she has no idea who Jonathan is.

"I've never heard of anything like that. That's pretty crazy," said Alexan resident Ricky Vanlenten.

Residents were also surprised to find out that police say the fake DEA agents ransacked another apartment, stole $900 in cash, but left $100 behind.


That victim, who wasn't home at the time, told Channel 2 Action News she moved out the following day.

"That's the craziest crime I've ever heard of. They were dressing up! The planning alone to get even the jackets and everything, that's scary. That's really scary. Anybody could do that to anybody. They could do that to me. I would open the door for a DEA agent. That's messed up," said resident Mike Ejedawe.

Residents say last weekend, thieves also broke into multiple cars.

"It was my car and about eight to 10 others," Vanlenten told Lucie.

He says he and his wife are now moving out due to the crime.

"Every other month I kept seeing a notice on the door saying beware there was an armed robbery, a car stolen and apartments being broken into," Vanlenten said.

The apartment management company, Alexan Metro West, issued a statement on Wednesday.

"We care very much about everyone here and are working closely with the authorities in their investigation of this matter.  Our courtesy patrol has implemented additional measures, and we are asking the authorities to do the same.

It is important to remember that this type of criminal activity is not restricted to our community.  Similar incidents have been reported in other cities.  It is our understanding the authorities are linking only one incident to suspects posing as DEA agents.  We will continue to work with the authorities in their continuing investigation.

We have asked all residents to remain alert and contact the authorities to report suspected crime or questionable activity.  Our objective is to work together so that Alexan MetroWest continues to be a great place to live."