• Men accused in Gwinnett crime spree

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Gwinnett County police have arrested two men they say went on a crime spree in a local neighborhood.
    In the southern Gwinnett County neighborhood off Buford Highway, graffiti covers street signs and blights homes. Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh even spotted gang graffiti on a grill.
    "I think it's ridiculous,” said homeowner Linda Manus.
    Linda and Jack Manus have lived on Oak Road for more than 40 years. They said graffiti has been a problem for years in the area, but never on their street.
    "It's scary, for one thing, and this is getting really close to home,” Manus said.
    Victor Castaneda showed Kavanaugh the graffiti that surrounds his market on Buford Highway at the entrance to the neighborhood.
    "They hit us in about four different spots,” he told Kavanaugh.
    El Rancho Supermarket is yet another place police say vandals struck in the early-morning hours of May 28, according to Gwinnett County police-issued arrest warrants.
    On Monday, police arrested Juan Villalpando, 19, and Javier Shafer, 22, on multiple charges including entering auto, criminal damage to property and participation in criminal street gang activity.
    "That's money out of our pocket,” said Castaneda.
    Linda Manus would like to see the people responsible held accountable
    "Clean it up, paint it. Make them serve some time for it. Maybe it would break them,” she said.

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