Child's missing service dog found safe



MCDONOUGH, Ga. - What was once lost is now found.
A Henry County family was reunited Friday with their disabled son's missing service dog. The dog vanished Thursday night.
The family asked Channel 2 to help get the word out.
The reunion was like a scene out of "Lassie Come Home." A boy and his missing dog reunited.
The golden retriever Simba is a service dog for 7-year-old Blaise Owings.
Blaise was born with a genetic disorder that causes developmental delays with thought movement and speaking. He also struggles with autism.
Simba came to live with the family six months ago.
The golden retriever has not only helped Blaise's behavior problems but actually saved his life.
Blaise stopped breathing  three weeks ago. The dog jumped up on him and started licking his face to revive him.
Thursday night, Simba got out and vanished into the rural area where the family lives.
“We’re just devastated right now. He's really a service dog for the whole family when you have a child with special needs, the whole family is affected,” said Blaise’s mother, Rachel Owings.
Rachel Owings said Blaise spent most of the night crying.
“[What does Simba do for you?] He makes me safe,” Blaise said.
Rachel Owings was showing Channel 2’s Diana Davis the area where the dog disappeared when she got a call from animal control. Someone found Simba.
The woman who called animal control was not at home but Blaise and his family are grateful.
“I feel like I’m in a dream. This is like the best ending I could have ever asked for,” Rachel Owings said.
Simba will need a bath but tonight he’ll be back in bed with Blaise.