Mayor Reed wants answers to watershed thefts



ATLANTA - Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says he wants answers to who's behind the ongoing theft in the city's watershed department.
One police report shows 28 commercial water meters were stolen, which are valued at more than $5,000 a piece costing city tax payers close to $150,000.
“We have a broad and wide ranging investigation. We have been very aggressive regarding the theft in watershed. This investigation included interviewing more than 68 employees," Reed said.  
Reed also said he is willing to investigate watershed managers as well, after more than 50
employees attended a recent city council meeting and said unscrupulous managers may be behind the rash of stolen items.

“We are certainly listening to the complaints regarding the management team in certain departments of the watershed department. We have a broad and wide ranging investigation,” Reed said.
Next Tuesday union representatives will tell city lawmakers they want certain managers subpoenaed for possible theft in the department.