Man tries to kidnap 3-year-old at thrift store

by: Erica Byfield Updated:

Attempted kidnapping suspect

LILBURN, Ga. - Lilburn police are investigating an attempted kidnapping at a thrift store.

Police said it happened at Park Avenue Thrift off Lawrenceville Highway on August 30.

A Good Samaritan is being credited with saving 3-year-old Erik Evans.

Channel 2's Erica Byfield spoke to the child's father.

"I was kind of confused, kind of shocked and I wanted to get to the bottom of it. I wanted to confront the man," Josh Evans said.

Evans told Byfield he was browsing in the pants section, Erik was in the toy aisle and his wife was in a different part of the store.

"I was about 10 feet away from Erik. He was in the toy area. He was the only kid in that area. I was looking at the pants, I had my back turned and then a customer came over to me and asked me if it was my son and I said, 'yes.' She said that I needed to get my child," Evans said.

Evans later learned a man in a bright green shirt believed to be in his 40s tried to lure his son with cash.

Police said the Good Samaritan witnessed the attempted kidnapping and charged at the suspect when he picked the boy up.

Surveillance video shows the man put the 3-year-old down and then quickly left the store.

"The most precocious thing in your life is your children so, if someone tries to take them from you that gets you pretty angry," Evans said.

Police have a possible suspect list.

"We've been going through local register sex offenders trying to determine if any of them match this description, we are in the process of interviewing them at this time as well," said Lilburn police Capt. Ben Haynes.