Man steals 88-year-old's medic alert button during home invasion

by: Carl Willis Updated:


PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - An 88-year-old victim of a violent robbery is asking for help after a man broke into her home, hurt her and snatched her medical alert button.

Mary Jackson has experienced decades of memories at her Paulding County home.

Jackson told Channel 2's Carl Willis spends much of her time now gardening when she can.

"I felt real proud of myself because I had done that work and it needed to be done," Jackson told Willis.

But that pride quickly turned to fear when Jackson said an unknown man came knocking at her door.

"He roughed me around. He kind of... I just don't know, it was done so fast," Jackson said.

Jackson showed Willis how she's still bandaged after the attack that left her bruised, bloody and shaken.

Deputies said the man forced his way into her home after a brief conversation through a screen door.

As he grabbed cash, jewelry and her wallet, Jackson said she tried to inch her way to the phone and then had an idea to use her medical alert button.

"I thought, 'Why am I doing that when I have this right here?' and I started to use it," Jackson said.

Then she said the man stole that from her as well.

"He jerked it off, I reckon it's not that hard to get off, but he jerked it," Jackson said.

Helpless, Jackson could only wait for him to leave.

"I just sat in there on the floor close to the refrigerator until he left. Then I come in here and called 911," she said.

According to the incident report, that robber was gone in two minutes.

Deputies need are asking anyone that might know who robber is to call them at 770-443-3010.