Walton alleged burglar may be linked to similar crimes

by: Kerry Kavanaugh Updated:


WALTON COUNTY, Ga. - A Walton County man remains on a ventilator after police said he broke into a home last week and was shot by the homeowner.

The mother hid with her five children in a crawlspace and shot then man.

On Monday, Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh discovered another woman believes it's possible the same man came to her home.

"You could tell he was sort of caught off guard. I don't think he was expecting me to be home," Anita Brown told Kavanaugh.

Brown said a strange man pulled right into her driveway on Cedar Lake Drive on Friday morning.

Brown works from home and said when people show up at her house, she always goes outside to meet them face to face.

"I never let anyone get close," Brown said.

She said it's likely the man who approached her is the same man that allegedly broke into the home in the nearby subdivision.

Police said Paul Slater, 32, used a crowbar to pry into the home on Henderson Ridge Lane. A work-from-home mother was inside with her 9-year old twins.

The mother grabbed her children, her gun and hid in a crawlspace.

"Inside of the house he pried open the bedroom door, the bathroom door and the bathroom leading to a closet to get to these people," said Cpt. Greg Hall with the Walton County Sheriff's Department.

They said when Slater opened the crawlspace door, the mother fired her gun, hitting Slater five times in the neck and face.

The mother and children ran to a neighbor's house. Slater managed to get out too, but crashed his SUV just up the road.

"As soon as I saw the vehicle, I was like, 'That's it,'" Brown said. "I work from home, too. So that's a concern. It makes you think, 'Did he know?"

Investigators don't know what was motivating Slater Friday, attempted burglary or something more sinister.

They may never know. The Sheriff's Department said Slater remains on a ventilator at Gwinnett Medical Center.

But investigators do believe he sought out the family once inside.

"This is not just your average burglar. There was a reason that he was trying to search out who was inside of the house," Hall said.

The Walton County Sheriff's Department said at some point Slater knew he wasn't alone.

"He probably saw someone, probably one of the children, go upstairs to get a way. And, at that point he probably started searching out where they were at," Hall said.

Investigators stress they have found no connection between Slater and the family.