Man says his BMW disappeared at mall valet



COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A metro Atlanta man says he dropped off his BMW with a shopping mall valet and days later, the vehicle is still missing.

Robert Robinson told Channel 2’s Ross Cavitt he drove to the Cumberland Mall in Cobb County to do a little Christmas shopping and decided the valet parking seemed like a good deal because of the weekend crowd.

When Robinson came out of the mall, he soon knew something was wrong.

“I was waiting a long period of time, and we figured out something had to be wrong because it shouldn’t take this long for the car to get here,” Robinson said. 
Robinson said his 2001 BMW 525 never came back.

“That's when the valet came back. He wanted us to talk to his manager, and at this point, I’m putting two and two together, and my car has to be missing,” Robinson said.

Robinson believes the valet left his car unlocked. He not only lost his car, but his house key, iPad, hats and other belongings.

Robinson told Cavitt he’s now worried about getting another ride. The valet company has set him up with a red rental Corolla, but David Colmans with Georgia Insurance Information Service says Robinson's insurance will take the lead and help him.

“What they do then is turn around and, the technical term is subrogate, against the company that provides the valet service, so it becomes an issue between them,”Colmans said.

It’s still not enough for Robinson.

“You know, you pay for a service, and then if something happens in the service and the company is not acting properly to accommodate my needs, I feel like they should at least pretend that they care,” said Robinson.

Mall management said they were not aware of the theft. The independent valet company had not returned Cavitt’s phone calls.