Man says county fix-up led to bigger problem

by: Jim Strickland Updated:

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Dunwoody homeowner Marvin Boaz knows his driveway was cracked, but blames DeKalb County for a new spate of damage.
His family sedan makes a hard scraping sound whenever he rolls down the drive.
"It's terrible.  My friends have to pick me up at the top of the driveway," said Boaz’s wife, Susan.
DeKalb County fixed a water leak and had to dig up the Boaz yard to do it. But crews left a deep hole, which they fixed while Channel 2's Jim Strickland was at the home Wednesday.
During the original leak repair, workers also opened a nearby fire hydrant.
"The fire hydrant was wide open for about two hours, and they didn't understand the amount of water that was coming out," said Boaz.
Neighbor Jimmy Stewart called it a gush. A county document called it a “slow flow,” but Stewart disagrees.
"No sir, it was not," Stewart told Strickland. 
Boaz said the driveway was cracked but level.  He said a torrent of water resulted in new, giant fissures in the concrete.  Strickland measured the difference at between four and six inches.
"The cars never scraped.  It never had these huge sections popping up, and I feel that's all because of the water flowing over this and under it," he said.
County documents blame the old cracks, not the leak repair. 
"Your issue is a private problem that pre-existed our repair effort by several years," wrote Joseph Basista, watershed director.
Boaz got a repair estimate at $6,734.

County spokesman Burke Brennan said the driveway may have dropped, but only because of the pre-existing cracks.  The county considers the matter closed.