Man injured in gas station shootout

by: Carl Willis Updated:

Atlanta police detained two men after a shooting at a Shell gas station on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on Sunday.

ATLANTA - A shootout at a southwest Atlanta gas station injured a man who caught in the crossfire.

Another bullet traveled nearly a quarter of a mile and went through a family's apartment with children inside.

"It just came through the wall. It is crazy," said Krystal Stepp.

Stepp said she was in her third-floor apartment on Fairburn Road around 5 p.m. Sunday when the gunfight broke out about three blocks away.

Atlanta police said the shooting started at a Shell gas station on Martin Luther King Junior Drive.

Stepp said she had only one thing on her mind when she heard a window shatter and everyone in her apartment hit the ground, "My kids, because everybody was in the living room. It's a good thing the furnace is right there," she said.

She said that's what finally stopped the bullet.

A witness near the Shell station told Channel 2's Carl Willis he was standing across the street when the shooting started.

"It's just devastating what I saw," he said. "I've never seen anything like that before. The guy that was in the car right there fell out of the car and crawled into the gas station. I'm just glad no little kids were around."

Police said the man who was shot just happened to be in the wrong place when two men started shooting at each other.

Police said the suspects left the scene and ran toward Fairburn Rd. Investigators located an abandoned pickup truck that was left at the pumps with its doors open. They discovered that it had been stolen in a carjacking in Cobb County last night.

Police detained two men Sunday but have not said whether they are facing charges.