Man helps take down suspect accused of attacking deputy, several others

By: Matt Johnson


DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. - A good Samaritan told Channel 2 Action News about how he took down a man accused of attacking a deputy.

Mike Sears said he heard gunshots around 2 p.m. Tuesday while getting groceries at the Ingles off GA 400 and Highway 53 in Dawson County.

He realized a woman was shooting at a suspect accused of attacking Sgt. Randy Harkness at a gas station. Investigators said Harkness had offered the suspect a courtesy ride before the attack.

Sears said his Army training kicked in and he ran after the suspect, Justin Foster, 30.

"I screamed at him, 'Get on the ground' and he started coming at my direction, so I started going in his direction," Sears said.

Foster allegedly attacked two more people at the McDonald’s next door.


Sears said he struggled to get Foster down on the ground because he was so strong.

"He had super-human strength. I had him in three good chokeholds and he broke all three," he said. "Then I was able to regain the chokehold, held him, then I wrapped my legs around him and he just couldn't move."

Sears held the suspect until deputies arrived. Foster has been charged with 14 crimes.

Sears said he asked the suspect why he was attacking.

"He said, 'To make a statement.' He did make a statement, but we did too," he said.

Harkness is home recovering and continues to receive well wishes from the community.

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