Fireworks display explodes on pontoon boat


CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - A fireworks accident on a boat ended with a man in the hospital Wednesday night.

Officials said two men were setting off mortars and fireworks from a pontoon boat on Legion Lake in Carroll County, when the bucket holding the fireworks exploded.

"It was just one big flash, and nothing but smoke after that and everyone was scrambling," witness Eddie Boyd said.

Emergency crews said both men jumped into the water.

Boyd said boaters in the area rushed to help the men.

"The entire thing exploded at once and it was a mushroom cloud and it tossed the boat up about six feet off the water," Boyd said.

Paramedics said they took one man to Grady Memorial Hospital with third-degree burns.

The other person on the boat refused medical treatment.

Caroll County deputies said they will be looking into permits, if there were any, for a firworks display on the lake.