Man facing new charges after trying to end probation early



CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A man accused of trying to bribe a judge is in even more trouble after he filed a motion to end his probation early.

The Clayton County District Attorney saisd John Walker had a good deal back in 2011 when he received first offender probation in a bribery case. In 2013, he apparently wanted to make it better so he filed a motion to end his probation early. While the D.A.’s Office was checking on how he had been doing on probation, they discovered new allegations.

“He took the money and didn’t report it on his taxes,” said State Department of Revenue Special Investigations Chief Josh Waites.

Waites said Walker is now facing new charges. According to Waites, he’s been indicted on several including tax evasion and failing to pay state income tax. Walker is now in jail on a probation violation warrant tied to the same allegations.

“[Is] he going to fight efforts to revoke his probation?” asked Channel 2’s Mark Winne.

“That’s correct,” said Walker’s attorney Wayne Kendall. “John plans to plead not guilty to these charges. We'll see what happens as the case unfolds.”

Waites said Walker failed to pay more than $5,000 he owed to the state of Georgia. He said the income involved was county money paid through a firm retained to teach sheriff's deputies how to be school resource officers during the previous sheriff's administration. Walker allegedly reported $40,000 of the $75,000 he got from the contract one year and none of the $50,000 he got the second year.

Walker’s original bribery charge stemmed from dealings with a campaign contribution. A statement by then-Clayton Chief Magistrate Judge Daphne Walker indicated that John Walker offered to give her a campaign contribution if she agreed to "look out" for his company. That company had allegedly submitted a proposal for misdemeanor probation services. The statement said Judge Walker immediately contacted the district attorney.