• Man chases armed thief for stealing mail


    ATLANTA - A man who pursued a thief who stole his mail said he came face-to-face with the gunman.

    Chasing after a thief isn’t something that police would recommend, but Phil Sanders said he wanted to let the robbers know the East Atlanta neighborhood doesn't tolerate crime. So he confronted them, until one pulled out a gun.
    It all began when Sanders was sitting in his East Atlanta home on McPherson Avenue just before noon Tuesday.
    He noticed a strange black Dodge Charger slowly drive by.
    “And I just feel like they were looking kind of fishy, like they were up to something,” said Sanders.
    The car drove by again, and a man got out. Sanders’ flag was up on his mailbox. The man reached inside and grabbed his mail.

    Sanders said the thief took mail that contained important financial information.  
    “Starting to like, confronting him and just asking him what he was doing and asking him to drop my mail,” Sanders said.
    The thief dropped the mail, and as Sanders continued to pursue him, that's when the driver pulled out his gun.
    “I freaked out and jumped behind something that could cover me,” Sanders said.
    Another neighbor said she’s had a problem with mail theft.
    Sanders said he did what he did because he wants to keep his neighborhood safe and because crimes like this annoy him.
    “I don’t know. If you need something come and ask me, don't steal it from me,” he said.
    Police are investigating the incident.

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