Man charged with third DUI after deadly crash



COVINGTON, Ga. - The family of a woman killed in a DUI crash is outraged after police arrested the accused drunken driver for a third DUI.
Tearful memories are all that one Covington family has left of 74-year-old Sarah Belcher. Her children said she was the glue that held them together.
She was killed in a crash on Highway 162 in August 2011.
"He hit one car, and then he hit my mother's car,” said Sarah Belcher’s daughter, Debra Belcher. “It was headlight to headlight."
Georgia State Patrol said the driver who caused the crash, Ricky Guice, was drunk behind the wheel. It was his second DUI in a matter of weeks.
Rockdale County arrested Guice in June that same year.
For the next two years, Sarah's family has watched their mother’s case dragged through the courts.
"It just keep getting pushed back and pushed back and pushed back,” said Sarah Belcher’s son, Rodney Belcher.
Covington police arrested Guice on Highway 278 early Sunday morning. They said he rear-ended someone stopped at a traffic light. Hours later, he was out on bond.
“I feel like by him doing the same thing, he's not sorry for what he's done,” said Sarah Belcher’s daughter-in-law Angela Belcher. "They need to take him off the road before someone else's family goes through what we're going through."
The Belcher family said knowing that Guice could potentially hurt someone else only makes their suffering worse.
"We want justice, you know, before he hurts somebody else,” said Rodney Belcher.
The family plans to attend an emergency hearing Thursday morning. They will be asking the judge to revoke Guice's bond.