Video catches home burglars in action



SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Police are busy investigating a rash of burglaries over the last week in Sandy Springs.

Sandy Springs police believe the men perform a simple test when they choose their victim. They knock on their door, and if nobody's home, they break in.

Cliff Klingbeil's security cameras rolled as a man burglarized his home on River Valley Road last week.

He showed Channel 2's Mike Petchenik the video, which clearly shows a taller, white man rummaging through the home looking for loot.

Police said the burglary was one of four in just a few hours last Thursday on the city's northwest side.

"Once they get inside they get a pillowcase from inside the residence and fill it with mostly smaller items: jewelry, silverware, things of that nature," said Capt. Keith Zgonc of the Sandy Springs Police Department

Zgonc told Petchenik the alarm systems didn't deter the men. He believes they're behind more than just last week's cases and have put out an alert to homeowners.

"What we're asking people to look for primarily are two or more people in a car or van that don't belong in the neighborhood and possibly going to multiple houses in the neighborhood," Zgonc said.

Victoria Bonvicini is an au pair for a family living across the street from another house police said the men broke into.

Petchenik asked her if she was worries the robbers would come back.

"Yes, of course," she said. "They have to be intelligent. I think they're walking around too, because they have to know when people aren't home."

The Klingbeils told Petchenik the burglary was devastating for them. They hoped releasing the video would help police catch those responsible.

A few weeks ago, police arrested one man for burglaries not far from the neighborhood, but a second suspect was on the run. Police aren't sure if he's playing a role in these cases.