• Man arrested in bizarre hit-and-run on Buford Connector

    By: Liz Artz


    ATLANTA - Police said they know who was driving the truck that caused a bizarre five-car collision on the Buford Connector nearly two weeks ago. Thursday, they signed warrants for his arrest.

    Police have identified the man as 36-year-old Darren Braun. Channel 2's Liz Artz found him passed out in a lane of traffic on the Buford Connector on Oct. 19. Our camera was rolling after Braun got in to a scuffle with a HERO worker and took off, crashing into several cars causing a chain reaction wreck.

    Erika Tyburski was in one of those cars.

    "(I had) Whip lash pretty bad next few days and a mild concussion," Tyburksi said.

    We also caught Braun as he fled the scene scaling a barbed wire fence. Police have signed a warrant for DUI. They think he was under the influence.

    "We figured he was impaired or altered that day," said Atlanta police spokesman Greg Lyon.

    Braun faces eight other warrants, five of which include hit-and-run. Police said after he jumped the fence, he got out of town.

    "He hid in a hotel for a few days fearing capture. He disguised himself as a woman and took a bus up north," Lyon said.

    He traveled to Fredericksburg, Md., where he currently lives. Fredericksburg police said Braun was arrested Saturday in an undercover drug operation and now faces multiple drug charges. He bonded out of jail Wednesday.

    "Wow, I don't really know what to say. It sounds like this guy had a lot going on," Tyburski said.

    Police said he was insured. Tyburski said his insurance company has reached out to the drivers, but that may be the only justice they get. Atlanta police said they won't go after him unless he comes back to the state of Georgia.

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