• Man arrested for allegedly taping dog's mouth shut


    SNELLVILLE, Ga. - Police arrested a man after they found a dog with its mouth taped shut.
    Antonio Furlow is in jail without bond, charged with cruelty to animals.
    "He had electrical tape wrapped around his muzzle to the point where he couldn't open his mouth," said Cpl. Jake Smith. "(He) presumably couldn't eat or drink."
    The dog was malnourished and dehydrated, according to investigators.
    Some neighbors say the dog had been chained up outside, but they were shocked to see its condition.
    "I just couldn't believe what I was seeing," said neighbor Linda Jefferson. "It touched my heart because I couldn't stand to see a dog be abused."
    Snellville police and Gwinnett County Animal Control were called to the scene on Parkside Court last Friday when the dog got loose and ran to a neighbor's house.
    Furlow was arrested Thursday.
    Police say he could also face a felony drug charge after they found marijuana in his apartment.
    Due to the weight of the marijuana and the packaging, police could hit him with felony possession with intent to distribute.
    Investigators say Furlow's former roommate, who police believe is the dog's actual owner, could face charges for abandoning the dog.
    They say the dog named Bullet will have a lengthy recovery.
    "As far as the tissue damage, it may be a little more serious than they initially thought," said Smith. "So, I think the status of the dog is up in the air right now."
    Neighbors say they would see the dog chained outside to a barbell weight even in the rain.
    Still,  they say the dog's condition was shocking to see.
    "It's not acceptable and they should be prosecuted," said Jefferson. "I know for a fact this dog didn't deserve it."

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