• Man accused of flashing 4-year-old, several women

    By: Erica Byfield


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Cobb County police arrested a man they say exposed himself to several women and at least one child.

    Investigators arrested Keith Boyd at the Mableton Reserves apartment complex and booked him into Cobb County jail.

    Channel 2's Erica Byfield obtained a warrant on July 13. The document states that Boyd flashed three people in a parking lot on Sweetwater Circle, and another person at the leasing office of the apartment complex.

    Neighbors were shocked to learn about the arrest.

    "No, oh man. In the leasing office?" said Cobb County resident Tina Smith.

    Byfield reported everyone she talked to about the arrest reacted the same way. 

    Police say along with exposing himself, Boyd committed other lewd acts.

    The warrant states a 4-year-old child was among the victims.

    Cobb investigators say around noon a mother was unloading items out of trunk with her child when Boyd flashed them.

    "It is it's crazy, because I would never, I would never suspect something like that going over here," said Precynthia Weldon, a Cobb resident.

    Boyd is being held without a bond in the Cobb County Jail. He is facing three counts of public indecency and additional charge of felony child molestation.

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