Man accused of cleaning out mom's bank account

by: Tom Jones Updated:

"Anybody (who would) take from their own momma, they need help," Arnita Williams told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Police arrested a man after his disabled mother said he wiped out her bank account.
Anthony Williams, 51, was charged with exploitation of the elderly and disabled. He is being held at the DeKalb County Jail. Williams’ partially blind mother said that's where he needs to be after he left her broke and wondering how she's going to eat and pay her rent.

"For him to be my own child to do his momma like that," Arnita Williams told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.
The 71-year-old woman said she has nothing left in her bank account.

"Everything I had in the bank, he got it all," she said from her home near Decatur, where she gets around in a wheelchair.
The elder Williams said her troubles began when she ordered a new bank card. She said when it came in the mail, her son took it.

"He tricked me. He said my Social Security number fell on Cash 4," she said.

Arnita Williams said her son asked her for the last four digits of her Social Security number to verify she had won the lottery. She said he used the four digits to activate her new bank card. Then, she said he took all $1,300 from her account.
Now, she's concerned about how she will eat and pay her rent.
DeKalb County police have charged her son in the case, along with two others. He's also accused of stealing the identities of two adults and a child. Williams said her son is a drug user and that he needs to be locked up, but he also needs help.

"Anybody (who would) take from their own momma, they need help," she said.
Williams said the bank won't replace the money until it finishes its investigation.
She said she won't have any money until her Social Security check arrives next month.