Man accused in attempted kidnapping makes first appearance

by: Tony Thomas Updated:


LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. - Police are praising a would-be kidnapping victim for thinking on her feet and getting help.

Channel 2's Tony Thomas was in the Gwinnett County courtroom Monday where the man accused of trying to take her appeared made his first appearance.

Suspect Lino Moreno-Luna simply shook his head after a judge read the charges against him in court.

The 31-year-old is accused of trying to grab a woman off the sidewalk early Sunday morning on Indian Trail Road.

"She was just walking down the road minding her own business when somebody came up to her, attacked her," said Lilburn Police Capt. Tom Bardguron

The victim told police that Moreno-Luna came up behind her, exposed himself and held out a $10 bill.

When she kept walking down the sidewalk, she said he grabbed her with both arms from behind and tried to pull her into some nearby woods.

The victim said she was able to get away by elbowing the man and then running into the middle of Indian Trail Road. A passing motorist picked her up and took her to safety in a gas station just down the street.

"We really don't believe this was a planned attack as in he was a serial kidnapper or anything. We believe he was just intoxicated and took advantage of the situation that afforded him," Bardguron said.

Police were able to find Moreno-Luna a few blocks away where they say he identified himself as Juan Gonzalez.

In court, he admitted to the false name, but seemed confused by the more serious charge.

"I don't understand about the kidnapping. The false name, yes. I gave another name," Moreno-Luna told the judge.

Police are praising the victim for her quick thinking. They say she did exactly what you should do under those circumstances.

Moreno-Luna is being held without bond.