• Loganville couple wins $1 million from Powerball jackpot


    A Gwinnett County couple said its Powerball tradition paid off in a big way. No one won the big $365 million jackpot Wednesday night, but the couple walked away with a $1 million prize.

    "I wrote it down as they had it at 11 o'clock and put it down. I never check right then and there," Lee Piertrobon said about his Powerball tradition.

    Piertrobon told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh he always watches the live drawing on Channel 2, but he never checks to see if he's won until morning, when he and his wife, Pat Piertrobon, share breakfast.

    "I said 'Oh, we probably won about $5,000,'" Pat Piertrobon said.

    Thursday afternoon, the Piertrobons learned the five matching numbers were worth $1 million.

    "'This is the amount you're going to get? That's good, that's great.' We're excited. I can get a new car," Pat Piertrobon said of her reaction when she found out  how much money they were getting.

    Even though Pat Piertrobon is already car shopping, Lee Piertrobon said he is a bit more conservative. Both said they look forward to helping their children and grandchildren.

    Lee Piertrobon told Kavanaugh he can't help but think the strategy he uses every week at the Loganville Publix finally paid off.

    "I play the number week after week after week," said Lee Piertrobon.

    The Piertrobons said they may take a big trip, possibly to Italy. So far, they said, all they have spent the money on was lunch.

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