• Local woman from Watertown, Mass., praises police work


    ALPHARETTA, Ga. - Among those celebrating the capture of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect is a local woman who grew up in Watertown, Mass., and still has friends on the police force.

    Linda Colitz told Channel 2’s Ashley Swann it’s been an emotionally draining week but that she’s never been prouder of the men and women of her hometown.
    “I’m just proud of everybody, proud to be from there,” Colitz said.
    From the moment the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon on Monday, Colitz said she’s been glued to her television.
    “It was really scary for the first couple of hours,” she told Swann.
    Colitz said she had no idea that fear would linger for days, as the manhunt to catch the two brothers believed responsible played out on the streets of her hometown.
    “You feel like they're all your family anyway, because everybody back home is like one big family,” said Colitz.
    She said she called to check on friends who were holed up in their homes with their children Friday as police, many of whom she knows, put their lives on the line searching block by block for the second suspect.
    “Worried about which way he was coming,” Colitz told Swann. “I knew that they were going to get them. I mean, there was no doubt in my mind."
    And when they did, Colitz said she was never prouder of the place she grew up.
    "A lot of heroes, a lot of heroes up there,” said Colitz.
    Since then, she's been in touch with her friends in uniform who are now enjoying a much-needed rest.
    “Some of them are sleeping,” said Colitz. “Very grateful that everything turned out the way that it did."
    She added, “It was all senseless, but we have a great ending to something that could've been even worse."

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