• Local mother of handicapped daughter chastises driver who wrote nasty note


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - A local mother says she found a nasty note on her car accusing her of illegally parking in a handicapped spot. That's even though her 5-year-old daughter suffers from severe disabilities.
    The child was with her mother at the time.
    “We've been through a lot. I mean she's worn a helmet and has worn leg braces most of her life, on oxygen for over a year,” said Alyssa Steele.
    Alyssa Steele admits her family looks like a healthy group of five.  But her daughter is not.
    "She has Chiari malformation. It's where part of the brain comes out of the skull and it affects nearly every part of her life," Steele said.
    Jemma tires easily, among her other problems, which is why Alyssa's SUV carries a handicapped tag and which is why when meeting friends with her daughter for dinner Thursday night she parked in a handicapped spot in front of Mellow Mushroom in Kennesaw.
    When they came out, her husband spotted the letter first and tried to hide it from Alyssa, but she read it anyway. It called her out not being handicapped:
    “You are not handicapped. You are a sorry sack of sh*t. Merry Christmas! I have reported your license tag to Cobb Sheriff’s Dept.”
    “It’s really sad that people could be so quick to judge others and I don't understand how they thought it was their place to say anything let alone how they phrased what they said," Steele said.
    Steele says wants to raise awareness about the “invisibility” of some disabilities.
    "I definitely was hurt and it made me question how people can do something like that and I wanted to change the situation from how we are affected by that to how we can spread awareness on how other people are struggling with disabilities that are not seen to the eye," Steele said.

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