Local mock trial champs stranded in New York

by: John Bachman Updated:

NEW YORK, NY. - Thirty Atlanta-area high school students are stranded in New York City as Superstorm Sandy hit the northeast. The city is bracing for an 11-foot storm surge and flooding.  Channel 2's John Bachman tracked down a group from Jonesboro High School.

The stranded students are all in Brooklyn for the mock trial world championships.  They were supposed to leave today, but flights are canceled.  Bachman caught up with them via video chat service at their hotel, where they're riding out the storm.

Before the worst of Hurricane Sandy hit, a group of Jonesboro High students ventured out of the lobby of their Brooklyn hotel Monday afternoon.  The first bands of wind and rain hit them.

"It's super windy. You walk outside and [get] blown away. It's rainy; constant wind," Callie Christian said.

The Jonesboro team finished fourth in the mock trial world championship, but to finish the tournament they had to miss the last flights out of town.  Now they're stocked up on crackers, bread and juice.  They're waiting on Sandy's wrath, which is expected to bring major flooding to New York City.

"We're really high up, so we're not worried about flooding.  Actually on 12th floor," Nancy Saucedo said.

The Jonesboro students are glad they could finish the tournament. They are keeping a positive perspective on getting stranded.

"Brings us together as team. Happy about that. Taking it as an adventure," Saucedo said.

Jonesboro High has a history with mock trial championships; now they can add a hurricane to their resume.  The students don't seem to be bothered.  It's their families in Jonesboro who are concerned.

Carol Gossett's grandson is among those on the trip.

"We're all stressed. I'm certainly stressed about James being up there, but I know he's in good hands. I'll be a very happy parent when I get him home," he said.

Gossett's grandson is a freshman, he is on his first trip without parents, the trip was his first flight, and now he is facing his first hurricane. 

Students from Atlanta International School are stranded in the same hotel as the Jonesboro High students.  They are all expected to come home to Atlanta Wednesday.  Grady High School students left the tournament early and came back Sunday to beat the storm.