Lightning strikes 2 Marietta homes


MARIETTA, Ga. - A family rushed out of their Cobb County home Sunday night as it filled with smoke after a lightning strike.

Nathaniel McDaniel Jr. told Channel 2’s Darren Moore that his house on Brandl Drive in Marietta was struck by lightning as a strong storm moved through.

Firefighters confirmed the strike after checking out the damage – a large hole in the back of the home.

“(I heard a) loud boom. Then I smelled gas. Then it smelled like a lot of smoke,” McDaniel Jr. said.

Nathaniel McDaniel Sr. said that was when he started rounding up the family inside the house.

“Our grandchildren, five adults in the house and everybody got out safely,” McDaniel Sr. said.

Marietta firefighters said lightning hit a brick house on Nancy Drive. Crews took in fans to clear the house of smoke.

No one was injured in either fire, but the Red Cross is helping the McDaniel family with clothes and shelter.