Lightning sets Roswell home on fire



ROSWELL, Ga. - Lightning set a home in Roswell on fire as storms moved through the area.

No one was hurt by the fire, but it tore off part of the front roof area of the home on Larney Court.

Roswell Fire Capt. Robert Rogers said his adrenaline started pumping when he was at dinner and was called to a fire at an address that matched his own.

“I jumped up and said ‘That’s my house,’” Rogers told Channel 2’s Eric Philips. “It went straight to my heart and tugged at it in a way that I’ve never had it done before.”

But on his way to the scene, he received a call from his wife saying the fire happened at a house across the street. She said his wife heard the lightning, opened the door and called 911.

Another neighbor, Jamie Komesar, said she was preparing dinner for her sons at the time.

“I heard this huge bang, and I looked out my kitchen window and I saw the flash from top to bottom,” Komesar said.

She said her neighbors stepped in to help.

“My neighbors were the ones who started spraying hoses of water on the roof of the house,” she said.

The homeowner was too distraught for an interview.

“We just keep on telling her that thank goodness nobody was home, nobody was hurt and most of her items can be saved,” Komesar said.