• Letter sent home to Ridgeview Charter parents


    Dear Parents,
    I value open and honest communication, and for that reason I want to share information about a situation occurring today at school.
    This afternoon we learned that one of our students had a weapon on campus. With the assistance of our school resource officer and administrative team, it was quickly confiscated. The student has been removed from the school and will undergo a disciplinary tribunal hearing. As alarming as this sounds, please know that this matter was handled swiftly, immediately and discreetly. The learning process was not disrupted.
    This is an extremely serious occurrence, and this behavior will not be tolerated. Any situation potentially endangering the safety of our school community will be handled quickly and judiciously, including a discipline hearing and criminal charges for the responsible parties.
    Please know that this type of incident is rare for Ridgeview or any other Fulton County school. Safety and student achievement remain our highest priorities and we will continue to do everything possible to keep our school a safe place for your child.

    Lisa Hastey

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