Local lawmaker pushes for drone restrictions



ATLANTA - A local lawmaker is pushing for tougher policies regarding the use of drones, unmanned aircrafts that can fly above homes or buildings.

The federal government, even some companies, have rules in place. But people can still buy them in stores.

"Sept. 11 kind of woke everybody up. No one would've ever thought commercial airlines would've been used for that purpose,” said Atlanta Councilman Ivory Young.

He wants local laws on the books regarding the use of drones, especially ones with mounted cameras.

"We hope to protect the rights of ordinary citizens, just here in Atlanta, but this is a larger national-international conversation that needs to be had," Young said.

He said that includes a conversation about police officers and drones.  He wants to make sure law enforcement agencies don’t infringe on the public’s privacy.

"I emailed the Atlanta Police Department to ask them if they have a policy regarding drones, and they say there's no policy because they don't have any drones,” Young said.

And that's why Young says, now is the time to establish the ground rules.

"We have to just be proactive and not react. Sept.11 forced us to react to a lot of things," he said.

Young said next week, Atlanta lawmakers will discuss the use of drones and he says he's been talking with state officials.  He expects them to draft legislation next session.