• Last 2 suspects in teen's death go on trial

    By: Tony Thomas


    Gwinnett County prosecutors will continue their case Thursday in the trial of two men accused in the killing of a Norcross teenager.
    Rico West and Michael David are the last two of seven men accused in the 2012 home invasion and killing of 15-year-old Nick Jackson. 
    "This is a case about money and greed." said prosecutor Mike Morrison.
    Five of the men have either pleaded guilty or been convicted previously. 
    In February 2012, the men drove from Atlanta to Norcross hoping to steal $1 million they thought Jackson's father had hidden in the family’s house.
    West and David both insist they weren't involved in the planning of the crime or shooting. 
    Prosecutors though said West, who goes by the street name of Freaky, made several phone calls from jail to family and friends where he details almost every aspect of the crime.
    Prosecutors plan to play those tapes to the jury in the coming days.
    "In very cryptic coded language Rico West outlines everything that happened in that house that night.," Morrison said.
    In opening statements Wednesday, West's attorney John Petrey told jurors the phone call isn't what it sounds like.
    "They are as much bravado as they are admission of anything," Petrey said.
    On the street, Michael Davis is known as Killah.
    Head attorney, Lawrence Lewis, told jurors prosecutors would try to continue to lump all the defendants in together without proving details.  
    "Neither Michael Davis or Rico West were a part of the plan," Lewis said.
    The self-proclaimed getaway driver in the crime, Tim Johnson, had already pleaded guilty for his part and is serving prison time.  
    He testified Wednesday afternoon sticking to his story of who was involved and their involvement.
    Defense lawyers painted him as a liar who was just trying to spare himself from a life sentence.
    Testimony will continue on Thursday.

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