Lab CEO admits to faking blood test results



ATLANTA, Ga - Imagine getting blood work done at your doctor’s office and the results you get back are just made up.

The CEO of a local lab admits he faked test results sent to dozens of patients in order to save money.

It happened not only to a few patients, but possibly dozens if not hundreds.

Attorneys for 39-year-old Rahsaan Jackson Garth said he started the Polaris Allergy Labs, Inc. with good intentions.

“It just got off track when the margins became thin and he couldn't keep it going," Garth's attorney Robert Rubin said.

But investigators said what he did to save money, could have endangered the health of dozens of patients who got their blood work tested at his facility.

Channel 2’s Rachel Stockman reported from federal court Tuesday when Garth admitted his guilt in a scheme that included throwing out patient blood work without ever testing it and then creating fake test results.

Back in February, Channel 2 Actions News was the only crew there as federal agents pulled out box after box at Garth's East Point lab.

Garth admitted fraudulently billing about a dozen different health insurance companies including Medicaid and Medicare about $200,000, with each test averaging between $200 and $1,000. That means, more than 200 patients could have been affected.

“Really from the beginning of this investigation, Mr. Garth has cooperated with law enforcement to ensure that doctors are notified and patients are notified,” Rubin said.

Garth’s sentencing is scheduled for October.