• "Knight in shining armor" rescues woman during snowstorm


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Many Channel 2 viewers have shared stories of good Samaritans reaching out and helping strangers in the storm.
    Channel 2’s Diana Davis met a Sandy Springs man Friday who opened his home to a stranded driver.
    From Georgia 400 to Abernathy and Roswell roads, the Sandy Springs area was a snowy, icy mess.
    Yael Stein was trapped in her car about eight and half hours. She told Davis she couldn’t walk for help even with a cane. 
    “And at that point, I kind of lost it and started having a good cry,” Stein said.
    Stein said there had been no one in sight for hours, then she spotted a man walking up the ice-covered hill where she was stranded.
    “When I saw this gentleman walking by I just yelled, ‘Help' because I really didn't know what else to do. I said, ‘Help. Help, I need help!’
    Jeremey Dade was the man walking by. He remembers.
    “She had begun to slide and was just sitting still. It was just kind of obvious you would be distraught at that point,” he said.
    The hill is one of those in the metro area that doesn’t look like much on sunny dry day, but with the snow and ice pack it might as well have been Mt. Everest, says Stein.
    Dade got behind the wheel.
    “And I just kind of slid back with style and made it slowly and careful back down the hill,” Dade said.
    “He was incredible, I was he shock he took over,” Stein said.
    Dade’s 5-year-old daughter Molly is daughter the reason Dade said he was out on the road. She was snowed in at nearby Spalding Drive elementary.
    Dade, who had made it home after a nine hour drive from his teaching job in Alpharetta tried to hike to school to get her.
    It is no more than a two mile walk from his home but with all the snow and ice, Dade said there was no way he could make it. It was on his walk back home when he ran into Stein.
    “We didn’t know each other of course, but I think within a couple of seconds we'd connected. I felt safe. And he was, he is, just incredible,” Stein said.
    Dade drove Stein in her car to his house and walked her inside. Her friends couldn’t pick her up so Dade invited Stein to spend the night in his daughter’s empty room.
    Stein said the bed felt so good, she doesn’t even remember falling asleep. Dade insisted he’s no knight in shining armor.
    “I mean, I wasn’t going to just leave someone stranded out there,” he said.
    There were lots of “Snomamageddon” heroes, but Stein told Davis she’ll never forget hers.
    “There were so many random acts of kindness between total strangers and just very special moments. I think I will always cherish this one,” Stein said.

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