KKK leaves recruitment fliers throughout Covington neighborhood



COVINGTON, Ga. - Local families are concerned after finding Ku Klux Klan fliers in their yards.

Residents in Covington said they have been waking up to find fliers saying “Save our race” in a plastic bag with a rock inside.

Brandy, who did not want her last name used, said she found the flier in her yard.

“There is a better way than putting it in somebody’s yard,” Brandy said. “We don’t want things like this.”

The flyers were first discovered Sunday afternoon up and down the streets of the Laurel Ridge subdivision.

“I think they are just trying to rebel up the little bit of racism that some people are still feeling,” one resident said.

She said most of her neighbors simply threw the paper away, but some are scared.

KKK Grand Wizard Chris Barker told Channel 2’s Tony Thomas the fliers are a part of the recruitment season.

Brandy said she is more concerned about questions about the fliers from her children.

“I just kind of left it at, ‘These are people that we don’t want to talk about,’” Brandy said.

Authorities said they are aware of the fliers but it does not appear that any laws have been broken.