• Killer gets 15 life sentences plus 290 years

    By: Erica Byfield


    ATLANTA - A man convicted in a gang crime spree was sentenced Wednesday to life without parole, plus 14 life sentences and 290 years in prison.
    Tamario Wise just stared straight ahead as the judge read the sentence, but emotions ran high as the victims described their pain.
    "He was taken from us for no reason, no reason," Patricia Boyer told Judge Todd Markle.
    Boyer's brother, Charles, was murdered by the so-called Jack Boys gang in November 2010. Police believe Wise was the ringleader of the group. Last month, a jury convicted Wise, Fernandez Whatley and Robert Veal on a list of charges.
    Veal was not in court on Wednesday because his attorney wasn't there, but he and Wise were behind most of the robberies, including a sexual assault and Boyer's murder. Whatley was involved in a home invasion where a child was tied up.
    When it was the defense's turn to address the judge, Wise's mother spoke on his behalf.
    "He is not a monster. I raised a human being," Daphne Wise said.
    While Wise choose not to speak during the sentencing, Whatley read a series of letters in which he professed his innocence.
    About an hour and a half into the hearing, the judge sentenced Wise and gave Whatley a 30-year sentence.
    Channel 2's Erica Byfield spoke to Boyer's family shortly afterward.
    "Today, the justice is done. It might be closed a chapter of Charles in paper, in (the) court system, but his memory (is) in our life, in our family," Boyer's mother, Ann, said. 
    Veal is expected to be sentenced on Monday.


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