• Kids find loaded gun in park


    ATLANTA - Children found a loaded gun in a northeast Atlanta park and hid it.

    It happened Saturday afternoon at the Daniel Johnson Nature Preserve north of Rock Springs Road. Police said three boys, two fifth graders and a third grader, made the discovery.

    “I think they thought it was a toy at first. They picked it up, and looked at it and when they saw the rounds in it, they put it back,” Atlanta police spokeswoman Kim Jones told Channel 2’s Erica Byfield

    Next, the boys hid the gun in a hollowed-out tree, ran home and told a parent, police said. That parent called 911 Sunday.

    Now, police have the gun and want to know if it was used in any crimes. Investigators identified the gun as a Rossi .357 revolver with six hollow-point bullets. Hollow-point bullets pack a punch because they expand when they hit a target, authorities told Byfield.

    “It’s a large gun. It’s not something that you shoot a squirrel with,” a resident told Byfield.

    Investigators checked the serial number on the gun and found out it had not been reported stolen. Police are running tests on it to learn if the gun was used in any crimes.

    “We’re just glad we got it off the street before someone was injured or killed,” Jones said.

    The weapon and its bullets are being held in the Atlanta Police Department property room.

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