Verdicts reached in DeKalb schools corruption trial



DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A jury has handed down a mixed verdict in the DeKalb schools corruption trial.

Former Chief Operating Officer Pat Reid and her ex-husband Tony Pope were found guilty of racketeering charges. Reid was also found guilty of an additional theft by taking charge and was found not guilty on two additional theft charges. Pope, an architect, was found not guilty of one additional theft charge.

Reid is a former DeKalb Schools executive and Pope is an architect. They are divorced.

The state alleged Reid used her influence to get Pope more than $1 million worth of work.

Reid and Pope will be sentenced in two to four weeks. Reid is facing a maximum sentence of 65 years and Pope could spend 30 years behind bars.

Former superintendent Crawford Lewis took the stand in the trial. Lewis cut a deal with the state in October and agreed to testify against Reid and Pope.