Judge orders jury in cop killing trial to restart deliberations

by: Tom Jones Updated:

Clayton police say Tremaine Lebis, 41, shot rookie officer Sean Callahan twice in the head. Both men died in a shootout Monday at a Stockbridge Motel 6.

JONESBORO, Ga. - Jurors in the trial of a woman accused of killing a police officer have had to toss out their notes and start their deliberations over.
When the judge in the case excused a juror who had to take an exam that meant an alternate had to take his place.
And when that happened, the judge told the jury to forget what they discussed when they first got the case.
Jurors started deliberating the fate of Lisa Lebis Monday.
Lebis is accused of killing Clayton County Police Officer Sean Callahan in December 2012.
Prosecutors say when a Stockbridge Motel 6 asked Lebis and her husband, Tremaine Lebis, to leave the property, police were called to assist.
The state says that's when Tremaine Lebis, a convicted felon with a stash of modified weapons in his room, said he wasn't going back to jail and took off running.
Prosecutors say Tremaine Lebis then shot and killed Callahan before another officer shot and killed him.
Lisa Lebis was charged as a party to the crime, with the state saying she knew about the stash of weapons and knew her husband would shoot to kill to keep from going to jail, but didn't alert the officers.
Lebis' attorney says she is not responsible for her husband's actions and had nothing to do with Callahan's murder.
Lebis will find out her fate as a jury-- which now includes an alternate -- begins deliberating.
So the jurors deliberated Monday and Tuesday. They took Wednesday and Thursday off because of the snow.
But that work has gone down the drain as the judge told them to toss out those notes and start over because the alternate is now on the panel.