• Jonesboro restaurant scores 39 out of 100 on inspection


    JONESBORO, Ga. - A Jonesboro restaurant owner said despite getting an inspection score of just 39, her place has good food.

    Channel 2's Carol Sbarge talked to the owner of China Spring about what she is doing to get a passing score.

    The restaurant on Tara Boulevard had dozens of violations during the Aug. 5 inspection. One of the violations involved the certified food safety manager not properly washing his hands.

    In total, the restaurant had 33 violations.

    "I don't think my restaurant here is dirty," restaurant owner Laura Wang told Sbarge.

    Wang told Sbarge one of her workers stayed late into the night to fix the problems.

    "Everything is little problems. Yes, very small problems. She actually stayed here until 4 the other morning correcting her violations,"

    Some of the violations include a food temperature measuring device not provided within the facility and booths where customers sit in a state of disrepair.

    A health inspector said they saw a worker preparing food in the restaurant while not wearing a hairnet. The inspector did not find any hairnets in the restaurant.

    The owner and the delivery employees said the violations are being addressed.

    China Spring did not have the 39 posted as required when Sbarge went there Friday. It had the previous inspection score of 72 from August of last year.

    A woman who works in the same shopping center said that wasn't good enough.

    "It is supposed to be like 80 something or 90 but not 70. Seventy and down is too low," Laura Salceeo told Sbarge.

    Customers of the restaurant told Sbarge the food is always great from China Spring.

    Both times China Spring was inspected last year, the restaurant received a score of 72. It will be re-inspected sometime this month.

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