Job hopefuls say they were falsely lured to Missouri



MARIETTA, Ga. - Dozens of construction workers said a Marietta staffing company's promise of a two-year job has ruined their lives.

It all started with a Craigslist post for job openings across the country. Robert Harris and his wife thought their post-recession prayers were answered when he landed a two-year construction job in Missouri, but after spending their last bit of savings to get there, it quickly became apparent the contractor didn't want them.

“Somebody’s getting money, and they’re not doing what they’re supposed to be doing with it, and they’re scamming,” Harris’ wife, Tamara, said.

A new employment company called Everything Staffing had assembled the group of workers for a subcontractor called Black Sparta LLC. Bobby Blanks, who started Everything Staffing, said Black Sparta had agreed to provide food, gas and lodging for all employees. But the job hopefuls said that wasn’t the case.

“They ran off and didn't pay for the rooms or nothing. The next thing I know, it’s 11:30 at night. We're getting kicked out, because they didn't come back like they were supposed to and pay for the rooms,” Harris said.

Blanks said he hasn’t heard from Black Sparta, and neither have those who were left stranded at the Econolodge in Columbia, Mo.

Cavitt talked with several of the workers, who have heard different stories about why their services were not wanted. Many stayed behind hoping someone at the site would hire them, but that hope has dwindled.

Harris and his wife, nearly broke, paid a steep price to return home to Georgia.

“We sold our wedding rings to come back, and they gave us a few hundred bucks, and we bought gas for our truck and brought a few people back with us,” Robert Harris said.

Everything Staffing is preparing a lawsuit against Black Sparta.