Jewelry store workers tighten security after violent robbery



SMYRNA, Ga. - Employees at a Smyrna jewelry store are stepping up security after three men robbed the business last week.

The armed trio came into My Jeweler on Spring Road under the guise of selling some jewelry. All of them were overly dressed, including one with a fake limp and two others wearing hats and glasses, detectives said.

Channel 2's Ross Cavitt spoke with detectives, who said the first robber fled the scene, and within seconds, the other two had the owner and two customers at gunpoint. They eventually took the terrified store owner alone to the back as they started looting the merchandise.

"The owner was being super cooperative with them, doing whatever they told him to do," said Smyrna Officer Michael Smith.

But it wasn't enough, even after the trio had stolen bags of jewelry, Smith said. One of the robbers then pistol-whipped the owner, causing a wound that needed six stitches.

"He gave them everything that they asked for; it was just an act of aggression that these guys just don't care," employee Cornelius Faison said.

The trio had just made it to a safe when another customer came to the door and peered in, seemingly realizing something bad was going on. That caused the heavily armed trio to leave their victim bleeding in the back as they dashed off.

"Please, please report these guys in. They did a terrible act, they violently hit him in the head with a gun, and had not it been interrupted, we don't know what might have happened," Faison said.

Anyone who believes they recognize the robbers or have any other information about this daylight robbery is asked to call the Smyrna Police Department at 770-434-6666.