• It will now be easier for you to become a millionaire

    By: Audrey Washington


    ATLANTA - More people are hoping to hit it big with the newly redesigned Mega Millions.

    The starting Powerball jackpots are now more than doubled from $15 million to $40 million.

    The winning numbers drawn on Tuesday's game were 31 53 6 28 52 with a Mega ball of 12.

    Every person Channel 2’s Audrey Washington spoke with at the Robinson and Son store at the Georgia-Alabama line in Tallapoosa had a ticket in their hands, excited to hopefully get a bigger piece of the Mega Millions pie.

    The store told Washington they are expecting a steady flow of Powerball jackpot hopefuls now that there are larger starting jackpots with a promise of possibly hitting $40 million.

    “They don’t know what to think about the $2, I can tell you that much -- and they’re still confused on the jackpot, but we’re working on it,” cashier Melissa Quick said.


    Also, with the newly-redesigned Mega Millions, the jackpots will grow faster overall, but there’s one catch: The price of a ticket is also changing rising from $1 to $2.

    Still, some players said the price increase won’t stop from coming to the store and getting their lucky tickets.

    “I think the crowds are going to be big like they always have been, especially here,” lottery player Johnny Capps said.

    Lottery officials said the new design will make the odds of winning the $1 million prizes greater.

    “That’s a good thing for the price to go up,” said Andrea Ball.

    Capps told Washington, as long as the jackpot grows, odds are the people will come.

    “I think the crowds are going to be big like they always have been, especially here,” he said.

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