• Investigators search for more victims of minister accused of assaulting children


    DULUTH, Ga. - Police in Duluth are looking for more victims after they arrested an ordained minister accused of assaulting children.
    Channel 2's Tony Thomas talked to Tuesday who believe the attacks may go back years.
    Police are using words like “monster” and “worst they’ve seen” to describe Kado Renfro.
    Detectives say they can prove Renfro assaulted at least four children in two states and they believe there are more victims who've yet to come forward.
    “Mr. Renfro leads his house by fear,” said Duluth police detective Bobby Johnson.
    Johnson laid out his case to a judge this week. Renfro barely looked up from the courtroom table.
    Police said Renfro is ordained as a minister in Illinois but had been living in Duluth the past three years.
    “The first sexual assault report about Mr. Renfro was in 1989 when he dragged a 7-year-old girl into the woods,” Johnson said.
    That was in suburban Chicago.
    Johnson said the latest report came last month when a child visiting Renfro's Duluth townhouse from out of state reported an assault.
    Police said three of his four known victims were relatives and adult family members knew of the troubles.
    “She stated Mr. Renfro is a torn man between good and evil,” Johnson said.
    No one answered when Thoams knocked on Renfro's door, but you could still see the damage from where police said they had to kick it in to arrest him.
    “Mr. Renfro had an infant child shielding him from the officers that were there to take him into custody,” Johnson said.  
    Johnson believes there are likely other victims either in Illinois or Georgia that have yet to come forward. 
    In court, Renfro's attorney repeatedly pointed out Renfro's latest alleged victim claims the attacks went on for years, but she only recently came forward.
    Renfro remains in jail without bond and has been bound over for trial.

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