Family prepares to bury toddler who died in back of hot SUV



COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The toddler found dead in his father’s car will be buried Saturday in Alabama.
His father remains in the Cobb County Jail, charged with murdering him.
Channel 2's Ross Cavitt has learned that investigators are putting together a timeline of the father's movements to build a case against him.
Nearly a decade ago, a jury convicted former Cobb County dispatcher Lynn Turner of using antifreeze to kill her police officer husband.
According to testimony, she had behaved bizarrely after her husband's death and had earlier asked a veterinarian about the effects of antifreeze.
Fast forward to last week, when investigators say Ross Harris' unusual behavior after the death of his toddler son placed him in the back of a patrol car and raised suspicions about his actions.
Sources and court documents say evidence then found on video cameras, and later Harris' computers seized from work and home, led to murder charges.
Cybercrime specialist Jim Persinger told Cavitt that investigators know they have to move fast in these kinds of cases.
"Information can quickly go away, can be overwritten, can be gone and never recovered, so you need to be quick and need to be diligent," Persinger said.
Police have charged Harris with murder and child cruelty -- charges that indicate at the very least he was criminally negligent in his actions before young Cooper Harris' death.
Persinger said as investigators pore over their seized evidence, they'll be able to link Harris to much of what they find on his computers.
"What you're going to look for is things like whether he went to a personal email address or his personal banking information, on or about before and after, is going to be a key factor in this case," Persinger said.
But he said it appears investigators got the first step right: acting fast.
"You have to keep digging, and if you stop digging it can be over very quickly," Persinger said.