Injured toddler expected to survive

by: Kerry Kavanaugh Updated:


A toddler who was critically injured by a fallen tree limb last week is now expected to survive.

Two-year-old Tripp Halstead was hurt at his Winder day care when winds from Hurricane Sandy snapped the tree limb that landed on him. Doctors told his family Tuesday afternoon that based on his condition, they believe he will survive.
Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh first saw the update on the family’s Facebook page and then began exchanging messages with Tripp's family. The Winder boy has been in a comatose state for more than a week. Meanwhile, some celebrities are also sending well wishes.

Tripp is never far from his toy “Lightning McQueen,” his favorite character from the Disney-Pixar movie “Cars.” Now, the movie and its celebrity cast have become latest sources of support for Tripp.
Comedian Larry the Cable Guy, who voices sidekick tow truck “Mater,” tweeted to Tripp, "Hope you git’ better. See ya’ later, Mater."
Bill and Stacy Halstead eagerly passed along the message to Tripp.
"And, that's when he moved," said mother Stacy Halstead.
The Halsteads saw their son move for the first time Monday. They were small involuntary reactions, but still good signs.
Then, late Monday night, Tripp got another message from Cars star Owen Wilson, who voices Lightning McQueen. The Halsteads told Channel 2 Action News he sent them a personalized recorded message.

Once again, the family said hearing the message triggered a small but reassuring reaction from Tripp.