Incredible Hulk robber strikes adult store twice in Clayton



CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A search is underway for a robber wearing an Incredible Hulk mask and carrying a gun.

A witness talked to Channel 2's Tom Jones about the steps she took to contact police without the masked man noticing.

Police say the masked man has robbed the same adult store in Clayton County twice in less than a month. The robberies at the Exotic Pleasures store on Tara Boulevard were captured on surveillance video.

Channel 2 Action News obtained a copy of the video that shows the robber wipe his fingerprints off the counter. Jones talked to a worker who was inside the store both times the robber came in.

The employee, who asked to conceal her identity, says she knew it was trouble when he walked into the store Wednesday, because the same man with the same mask robbed the store recently.

The robber calmly entered the store with customers standing around; he pulled out his weapon and demanded money from the register.

Just as he uses a mask to hide his identity, police say he wipes the counter to conceal it as well.

"He took the money, and took his left sleeve and just wiped his fingerprint off," said Jonesboro Police Department Sgt. Brad Pair.

The employee recounted her frightening run-in with the crook.

"Just don't make a scene and just hand me $300," she recalled the gun-toting crook saying.

The worker said he had a large gun. She dove to the floor and called police, but he got away, just as he did in the Dec. 10 robbery.

The worker says she was at the register then.

"And he put the gun up where I can see it. Talking about don't make a scene. Just hand me what I want," she said.

Police believes he walks to the store and say they need the public's help catching him.

"If they're riding down Tara Boulevard, (and) see a guy with a black hoodie and an Incredible Hulk mask, please call 911," said Pair.

The store has been robbed four times in the last year.

The store is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the Incredible Hulk robber.