• I-85 HOT lane reaches record $7 toll

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    There was some sticker shock on Interstate 85 on Wednesday as Peach Pass users saw a record toll of $7 during the morning rush. That was the cost of the 16 mile stretch from Old Peachtree Road to Shallowford Road.
    And, the numbers indicate this toll could continue to creep up.
    The State Road and Tollway Authority, or SRTA, said the high price was the result of high usage of the southbound express lane during the morning rush.

    As traffic in the HOT lane increases, so does the toll to try and price some Peach Pass commuters out and keep the lane moving.
    The toll lanes prices can range from a penny to .90 per mile. That means the maximum Peach Pass users could pay is $14.40 for the 16 miles one way.
    The new record-high toll comes as the HOT lanes continue to set new trip records.

    SRTA said in May 2013 they recorded 485,779 trips in the HOT lanes. That's an average of 19,564 per day.

    The average toll was $1.57.

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