• Hundreds without power after tree falls in Midtown


    ATLANTA - Crews worked through the night trying to restore electricity to hundreds of residents after a tree snapped power lines.
    The collapse happened after a heavy afternoon storm Monday. The fall damaged power lines on 11th Street near Juniper Street leaving 336 homes and businesses in the dark.
    Power crews hoped to have power back on late Monday night. Instead, they had to wait for equipment to arrive to lift the tree off of the lines.
    "They're saying early morning and that's all depending on when the crane gets here," said Ronnie Huff.
    Residents said the tree's sudden fall was shocking in more ways than one.
    "All I saw was a big light in the window," said Kyle Kelly. "All the power went out. I walked outside all the lines were just sparking."
    "(There was) a really loud explosion," said Matthew Honold. "You could hear the arc of the electricity. I just wanted to get out of the house."
    Neighbors watched as crews moved in to remove the massive oak tree. They said work crews have become a common sight lately. They said this is the third tree to fall in just six months.
    "We've had a lot of problems with trees on this street," said Honold. "This tree fell a few months ago and crushed my car," he said pointing to a stump. "So, when this tree fell I was happy to look over and see that my car was not crushed."
    The tree that fell Monday appears to be rotted on the inside. Residents say they're worried more will come down soon.
    "You never know when they're going to fall," said Huff. "That tree could fall any minute now."

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